7th of March, 2018 Birds for Eléna Amette

7th of March, 2018 Birds for Eléna Amette

I was prepared to send some mail art to Eléna Amette for a while, but got ill, and had some other obstacles. But here we finally have the bird drawing I made. Her card looks super cute, as you see below. Their family blog is here. FacebookGoogle+TwitterPinterest

Heart For Dimitra by Tiina from Finland 24th February, 2018

Mail Art for Dimitra

I luckily had these two ready to go before my printer/scanner broke down, and my dad had to take it for repairs. Guess what was wrong with it? I had somehow managed to drop a pen inside it! Dad says is prints ok now. I just need to wait for him to get a chance…

17th February, 2018 fish drawing by Tiina from Finland

17th February, 2018 fish drawing by Tiina from Finland

There was a mail art call, which still has it’s Facebook group, and people are still posting fish themed art there. I find it inspiring. I spent a while on this drawing, which is cut out of watercolor paper. I am sending it to Jan Willem Kouwen in The Netherlands. FacebookGoogle+TwitterPinterest

8thFeb2018 Visual Poetry by Tiina from Finland

Visual Poetry for VISPOSTAL by Tiina from Finland

Visual poetry can be a lot of things. This is regular poetry, but I tried to make it have visual dimensions through the style of letters, the mental images brought on by the text, etc. Anyway, I hope it fits the criteria of the VISPOSTAL mail art call by C. Wells for The Upstairs Art Space in…

"Read Books" by Tiina from Finland for "Book is a friend" mail art call in Russia

“Read Books” by Tiina from Finland for “Book is a friend” mail art call in Russia

I am sorry I do not have the details of this mail art call. I had written down the address, but probably sent the mail art call itself away by accident, if it was on a slip of paper. I can not find it online. So I will update the details if they reply to…

Asemic game for De Villo Sloan by Tiina

Back to mail art: add and pass and asemic writing

I had been promising De Villo Sloan a special gift for a while. I always seem to get health issues especially just when I am supposed to be filling a promise. I had this idea, because asemic writing made me think about how actual semantic, meaningful, text could be used to produce asemic content. So…

17thOct2017 Asemic Front Vibration Collaboration

17th October, 2017: Asemic Collaborations with De Villo Sloan

I am terribly sorry this took me so long. I received these starters in August. I did the Vibrations one right away, but then health and life intervened, so just finished Optical today. Thank you De Villo Sloan for a great collaboration. I have an idea for a project in asemic writing, but will need…