23rdMay2017 Amy Irwen envelope

Envelopes and ATC from Amy Irwen

I really like the artistic style and creativity of Amy Irwen. I posted a few adds and passes from her yesterday, and one fluxus buck. Here is the envelope they came in, and some older mail art I forgot to post at the time. She reuses old envelopes, so there is obviously stuff by other…

15th May 2017 Frum the Desk of Ed: Add and Pass After

15th May 2017 Frum the Desk of Ed: Add and Pass

I just got some mail, which originated “Frum The Desk of Ed” (Ed Giecek) and went to Lord Fugue first, and was then sent to me by Mim Golub Scalin. All these three names make me feel like I am playing with the cool kids now, butt shh I said nothing. 😉 This is an add and…

12th May 2017 Lord Fugue Add Pass After

Incoming from & outgoing to Lord Fugue

I received some great mail from the famous Lord Fugue. First of all the envelope was great. The add and pass was quite dramatic, and I decided to do my edits right away. Lord Fugue has some great collaborative artworks, which he also shared.  I am sending him this postcard. Which all things considered seems a…

10th May 2017 empathy (Prayer for Peace)

10th May 2017 Empathy (Prayer for Peace)

“Compassion is the foundation of all peaceful thoughts and actions.” (His Holiness The Dalai Lama) Mail Art Call:  “Prayer for Peace” by “Trentino for Tibet” Association, along with Bosco dei Poeti/ Forest of Poets in Italy (read more in their public Facebook post).