I will be adding information here when I can, usually after documentation has happened for each mail art call.

May, 2018 Cheshire cat for Alice in Wonderland Mail Art Call. My post.

May, 2018 Asemic game for De Villo SLoan. My post.

April, 2018: My Town in Indonesia. Poster. Catalog PDF.

April, 2018: The Book is a friend, Russia, and my post.

October, 2017: Hope – Faith – Love, exhibit in Hanover, Germany. My post

September, 2017: “Panda” for “Japan” Mail Art Call, Club Otaku in Portugal, my post.

September, 2017: aSPeTTaNDo eSSeRCi SeNZa eSSeRCi (10^ edizione) #05, Dada Boom, Viareggio (Lucca) Italy, Enzo Correnti . My work here.

August, 2017: Squirrel Museum, Scurry N:O 26, my post here.

August, 2017: Museo Infaltil, Mail Art Call El Mundo Que Veré. Mine here. My post here.

August, 2017 Arte Correo – Convocatoria –  No estas solo Mail Art Call, mine here. My post here.

August, 2017 Mail Art Flags of Freedom Venezuela. My work here.

August, 2017 Bring Out The Clowns Mail Art Call, posted my piece “Clowns” here.

Postcard for “2017 Yaz Kültür- Sanat Festivali” in June, at Adalar Kültür Derneği, “Messages of Peace and Love”. 

Black and White Mail Art Project in The Netherlands. I blogged mine 11th of May, 2017

Prayer for Peace mail art Call, I blogged my piece: “Empathy” here 10th of May, 2017.

Confluences Mail Art Call May 2017. Their Pinterest board with all their received images here. Mine here

Postcard “Learning from the Past” to AvantArt In The Global Conspiracy Of Now Mail Art Call: Postal PreSENT vs. Digital ImMEDIAcy. I posted it 10th of April, 2017 here.

Postcard to a Stranger by Dorina Harangus in Germany. Blogged April 3rd, 2017 here.

“Iris” drawing sent in for mail art project “Irises” in Russia. Originally blogged the drawing  March 5th, 2017 here.