Asemic game for De Villo Sloan by Tiina

I had been promising De Villo Sloan a special gift for a while. I always seem to get health issues especially just when I am supposed to be filling a promise. I had this idea, because asemic writing made me think about how actual semantic, meaningful, text could be used to produce asemic content. So I made a wheel, a very common craft item I guess, but not sure there has been one made in this context before. 

Asemic game for De Villo Sloan by Tiina

I cut two pieces of red cardboard, punched holes in them, and and decorated them with some lines. I made a white circle, which I glued text on both sides of, so that you can use the wheel either way around. Then I put a pin through the middle of the pile, so you can turn any of the circles to your liking. 

Asemic game for De Villo Sloan by Tiina

My camera on my phone is pretty horrible, sorry for the blurry pictures. But you get the idea, I hope. You can see letters through the holes, but most of the time there are only pieces of them shown. If you wanted to make this show actual letters, your text inside would also have to be going in a circle. But because the text is in straight lines, the round shape of the covers works to our advantage for asemic writing.

Asemic page, collab starter for De Villo Sloan, by Tiina

I have heard I am not the only one who has been having trouble sending mail from Europe to the USA lately. The asemic collaboration I blogged last time, has not yet reached De Villo Sloan, and I sent it before Christmas. I am not sure how long I should hold on to hope. But then again, some people have been receiving mail weeks late, so maybe we get “lucky”. Anyway, I am very sorry the pages went missing, the project was interesting and got me into asemic writing for sure. I hate especially losing his work. And the mailing was not cheap either. Oh well, these things happen.

UPDATE: They arrived! Yay! I missed his message on Facebook. All good now.

Asemic started to print, by Tiina

In case you are interested, you can print this page I made using Gimp, and see what you feel like doing with it. I was going to use it as a base for the new collaboration, but my new printer/scanner is not liking me at the moment, and I am waiting for someone to help me with finishing the set up of it. So I thought my blog should have free content anyway, and if this helps anyone, I am glad. The printer issue explains why I have to use such horrible pictures of my projects, for now.

add and pass starts

While I was at it, I made a couple of starters for add and passes. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, it is quite simple to explain. One person starts a sheet of paper, a booklet or whatever, sends it to the next person, who adds to it and sends it on, again. Then when the item looks properly filled, it gets sent home to the address mentioned somewhere on it. People usually add their own addresses on the back, too, and date of their participation. I went with the blackmail letter style. It just felt right at the time.

Here we go. I guess I am back to mail art. I have been having a break, because in addition to a flu that seems to be taking me weeks, if not months to get over, I have had other health issues flare up. Meaning I have lost most of the little energy that I had on a daily basis. Art is inspiring, though, so I try to do it, when I have a chance. While there are unfortunate problems within the mail art scene, with sexism and personal clashes happening, I still think it is a valuable movement, which allows people of different backgrounds and skill levels to participate in a creative endeavor.