19thJune2017 add and pass for Theo

Alongside add&passes made by other people, I send out some of my own. I usually do not post them on my blog, as I have been sending so much mail lately, that I can not post everything, and for an add&pass to get wings, it requires at least the first person to receive it to have collaborated. But here are a few examples of what has left the nest lately or is going to, soon.

The one with the lizard has been waiting to go out for a while. It was made for Theo in Canada and will hopefully get to him in time. The lady by Hugo Simberg is for E in France. And the sparrow will return to me in the end, if all goes to plan. The lizard one was a combination of hand drawn, watercolor and magazine clippings. The two others have pieces from old newspapers circa 1920, which are in public domain. And they were edited using some images with watercolors etc on Gimp. I am sending these to a new participant, Stacy in the US.

20thJune2017 add and pass woman

2ndJune2017 add and pass sparrow