Dystatic mail 2014 2015

I have known Dystatic for years as a talented, versatile mail artist. She started in the scene in 2000, according to her website. And she has always been very generous. Here is a great example of how thoughtful Dystatic can be from around 2014-2015. I love the back of the letter on the left. She did a whole project with the mushrooms, too. There is a lovely ATC with a leaf motif. A great pin on the top right corner. Two miniature envelopes came with tiny pictures and notes, as part of her Hi How are You project. And look at the cute little bugs that came in their own little bug envelope. Yes, they really did brighten up my day, and they still do, Dystatic. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Due to some issues with my health, I have not been able to keep up with my mail as I would have wished, so there are things from the past that I still may have not passed on as instructed or replied to in kind. But I have kept them, and have a good time finding them again, and then more of a confusing time trying to find out current addresses, and whether projects are still ongoing.