22nd June 2017 The Sticker Dude ephemera

The Sticker Dude is always so generous. Here is the envelope, which had some recycled elements. The ephemera was a mix of his own work and those of Musicmaster. I had to keep many of these, as they were so awesome. I usually try to recycle a lot for more mail art, but then you get stuff that just begs to be collected. I am sure he will send them to other people, too, and has been for a long time.

I have exchanged mail with The Sticker Dude over the years, even when I was still known by my nickname Rusakko back in the day. I always feel so lucky to be able to catch even the slightest bit of what he does for the mail art community. I get them through other people, as well. The mail I received from him this time around of course also included the Add and Pass I blogged previously.