12th July 2017 envelope back Sticker Dude

Incoming from The Sticker Dude: awesomeness!

So when you get an envelope from The Sticker Dude, you know it is going to be full of awesome stuff, even before you open it. I am hoping my blog post does it some justice. I like the creativity, the collaborative spirit, and the quality of these items.   Envelope front and back Ephemera…

29th June, 2017 Josh Ronsen Incoming

Incoming: Josh Ronsen: tiny art exchange, envelope, ephemera and zines

Josh Ronsen sent me some great mail art. I am going to send something back for his tiny art exchange, soon. He included two small zines. I scanned one of them, which he said he did not have a copy anywhere.  I love the stamps on the envelope. Check out his music, too.