8thFeb2018 Visual Poetry by Tiina from Finland

Visual Poetry for VISPOSTAL by Tiina from Finland

Visual poetry can be a lot of things. This is regular poetry, but I tried to make it have visual dimensions through the style of letters, the mental images brought on by the text, etc. Anyway, I hope it fits the criteria of the VISPOSTAL mail art call by C. Wells for The Upstairs Art Space in…

"Read Books" by Tiina from Finland for "Book is a friend" mail art call in Russia

“Read Books” by Tiina from Finland for “Book is a friend” mail art call in Russia

I am sorry I do not have the details of this mail art call. I had written down the address, but probably sent the mail art call itself away by accident, if it was on a slip of paper. I can not find it online. So I will update the details if they reply to…

16th July, 2017 Speak

“Speak”, an original painting/drawing for One ten park in Canada

This is my original painting/drawing with watercolor pencils. I call it “Speak”. I am sending it to Canada. I am wondering if my take on the theme is a bit too dark. I had just been signing some Amnesty International petitions, so this whole issue of free speech was in my head. “Make Public is…

27th of June 2017 Other Planets

27th of June, 2017: Tiina From Finland Original Drawing for Biblioteca Comunale in Italy: Other Planets

This is my original drawing called “Other Planets” for the  “Possible Worlds Mail Art Call” at Biblioteca Comunale in the Town of Sant’Oreste in Italy.  I have not done many detailed images this large. This is an A4, by the rules of the event.