8thFeb2018 Visual Poetry by Tiina from Finland

Visual Poetry for VISPOSTAL by Tiina from Finland

Visual poetry can be a lot of things. This is regular poetry, but I tried to make it have visual dimensions through the style of letters, the mental images brought on by the text, etc. Anyway, I hope it fits the criteria of the VISPOSTAL mail art call by C. Wells for The Upstairs Art Space in…

18th July, 2017 Something to think about ZINE

Here is finally my reply to Josh Ronsen‘s awesome mail. Took me a bit to get my zines together for his tiny art exchange. Might have gotten a bit obsessive with filling them both. My first Zine is called “Full of creepy stuff”, and I scanned it completely. I made it using clips from two…

10th May 2017 empathy (Prayer for Peace)

10th May 2017 Empathy (Prayer for Peace)

“Compassion is the foundation of all peaceful thoughts and actions.” (His Holiness The Dalai Lama) Mail Art Call:  “Prayer for Peace” by “Trentino for Tibet” Association, along with Bosco dei Poeti/ Forest of Poets in Italy (read more in their public Facebook post).  

10th of April, 2017 Learning from the past

Two mail art postcards: “Hope is not lost” and “Learning from the past”

  MAIL ART PROJECT “HOPE” – “FAITH” – “LOVE” “GLAUBE” – “LIEBE” – “HOFFNUNG” Information in blog. Deadline:  31.08.2017 Sending to Artist Susanne Schumacher in Germany AvantArt In The Global Conspiracy Of Now Mail Art Call: Postal PreSENT vs. Digital ImMEDIAcy Information in blog. Deadline: Mail before July 2017 Sending to:  “Avant’Art In TheGlobal Conspiracy Of…